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I believe I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world; the Snoqualmie Valley. I get to see amazing things everyday. It's time to celebrate that. (You can view pictures in larger format by clicking on them)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Who's that thunking on my roof?

I've been working away on my computer. I'm still amused by my earlier adventure. I was downloading pictures (or is it uploading? Hmm... who cares). Typically you don't have that many nature encounters when you're sitting in front of the computer, but I hear Coal start to bark and I hear thunk thunk on my roof. I have a metal roof, it magnifies sound but still! So, full of curiosity I get up and go outside.

I see a raven flying away. I'm delighted. I love ravens. They fascinate me, their intelligence, their myths and their size. I forget how big they are. The raven is long gone so I return to my house and hear "thunk thunk thunk". I'm thoroughly captivated. I look out the window and see another raven fly by. Nifty. They settle in the neighbors yard and then a 3rd appears. There's a folk song about 3 ravens I used to love as a kid. I'm tickled. I have 3 ravens hanging about. Fancy cat is also very excited. One of the raven settles on the shed, very close to the window. I look at Fancy and the raven and I swear there are near the same size.

So I finally remember my camera. Sheesh! It was right there. I knew if I started fussing with the camera and trying to get pictures I'd mess up the downloading (or uploading) and while I was trying to detach it the birds would fly away anyway, so instead I just enjoyed the moment. Sometimes it's good to just experience the moment.


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