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Friday, May 11, 2007

San Diego Zoo

When I was a little girl I thought zoos were "bad". I wanted all animals to be free and happy. I was a geeky kid, I got more excited about National Geographic episodes on Sundays then Disney. I watched a lot of nature shows and my simplistic view began to change. I understood that animals had to be protected. I wanted to be a wild animal vet. I was so excited about Joan Embry that sometimes my parents would let me stay up late and watch her on Johny Carson. I had books about the San Diego Zoo and would dream about being a vet there and saving animal species from instinction. My life took a different path but I finally got to the San Diego Zoo. (I went with my friends of course, in the picture are Renae and Chris trying to break free from the killer flamingo)

It was both disappointing and wonderful. Spring is a great time to go to the zoo and I saw many animal babies. The zoo has a wonderful diversity of animal and I saw species that were new to me. The zoo that was new and cutting edge when I was a child is now outdated in many ways. There are old style cage enclosures and a lack of good graphical information. However, like many zoos they are working diligently at upgrading exhibits. I am neither idealistic or uncaring. I still caring that wish that all animals could roam free, but as the world's habitats diminish zoos are a necessity for protecting species. While zoos continue to exist I will go and marvel at the diversity of life.

Baby Cougar

Brown Bear (They'd just fed it)

Brown Bear (Look at the claws!)

Klipsrpinger Antelope


I am going to make a separate post for birds and for favorites to keep things manageable.


Blogger Eliza said...

How cool that you finally got to go. The antelope looks especially adorable.
We saw lots of birds on our Mother's Day weekend at the coast with the family--mostly gulls & eagles, but my mother-in-law saw a hummingbird early in the morning outside our cabin!

8:19 PM  

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