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I believe I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world; the Snoqualmie Valley. I get to see amazing things everyday. It's time to celebrate that. (You can view pictures in larger format by clicking on them)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Spring and magic of light

My Yard - I've been noticing the signs; the days are getting longer, buds on the trees and more birds singing. So I decided to search for spring. I started in my yard. I sat and listened. It was a lovely day and my human neighborhood was quiet. I heard a Red-Wing Blackbird, Stellar's Jays, Robins, Crows and another bird with a pretty song. I need to refresh my bird song knowledge. I saw a little wren flitting through my yard. Then I went looking and saw flowers in my yard.

Mostly I was amazed by the light, especially as it shown through the leaves. I have always loved the way a Douglas fir can change in the light. It seems like magic when the light reaches through the canopy and spotlights a bit of green. Again I was reminded of the value of really looking and seeing the amazing detail. I moved from the big trees to the smaller plants in yard. I couldn't help but marvel as I looked at the leaves and saw the network veins. I also enjoyed the lack of perfection. It bothers me sometimes, how people always want to take the picture of the perfect flower or leaf or tree. It's the scars and marks and uniqueness that tells the story and holds the imagination. The stories in my own yard inspired me to ponder life while watching the light shift from my hamock. I have to admit, it's not that warm yet I piled up the blankets.

The Walk- After a nice nap (pondering often leads to napping of course) I visited one of my favorite places along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. I knew it would be full of Spring life. As I got out of my car I heard a Kingfisher and caught the reflection of Mt Si in the little pond. It was clearly going to be a delightful walk. I heard Towhees and when I got to the marshy spot I was rewarded with the a myriad of Red-Wing Blackbird voices I'd been hoping for. One RW Blackbird seemed to only sing half of the song. It sounded quite abrupt compared to the others. I've been known to spend quite a bit of time just watching and listening on that one spot. I love hearing bird songs and there was so many! Today I moved on fairly quickly, as the sun set I was captivated by the colors and glow. I stood by the river for a bit watching the ripples of the water. I never get tired of watching water move and it seemed to take on such a rich color. As dusk began to deepen my attention returned again to the trees marked by brightness. It's amazing how my attitudes have changed since I moved to the Snoqualmie Valley. Living in this place of beauty and wilderness, I am starting to appeciate all aspects of nature more deeply. When I drove away the herd of Elk was at the back of the meadow, I was delighted to see them but the earlier experiences show just as brightly.


Blogger ariel said...

You write beautiful meditative thoughts. Thank you so much for making me see spring in a new light.
Keep writing to inspire us, please.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Herman said...

Thank you :)

11:35 PM  

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